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If you could take your dog to work with you, you would. We understand. At greendog, we understand a lot—most of all, dogs. Our goal is to nurture and care for every dog who comes to greendog in the best way we can. In fact, greendog began with a desire to make dog daycare and boarding healthier, cleaner and less stressful for the dogs themselves. We arrived at a very simple solution and built a greener spot to play.

More than dog daycare, greendog is a better way to care for dogs. Everything at greendog is designed, first and foremost, to be dog-friendly. In doing so, we’re also environmentally-friendly. We use ecologically-safe cleaning products, knowing that our dogs may come in contact with whatever we use. We use low VOC paint throughout our space because our dogs deserve to breathe clean air, inside and out. We recycle our gray water from our hand sinks and grooming tubs for use in our low-flush toilets, in turn, helping to preserve natural resources for dogs everywhere.

Greendog, however, is much more than an eco-retreat for dogs. There is time, effort, and love in everything we do. Our building dubbed the “urban farm,” is more a barn than a kennel. Designed to be smaller than traditional dog boarding and daycare facilities, the urban farm features forty spacious hand-crafted eco-dens with individual gates and private lockers. We’ve intentionally limited our capacity to ensure that each dog gets the quality attention that he or she deserves. Our play areas are enclosed with natural wood fencing and allow dogs of differing sizes and temperaments to play safely. Greendog’s handlers are trained in pet CPR and first aid. Everything at the urban farm has been selected and crafted with dogs in mind, and everything here is ecologically sensitive because ultimately our dogs are happier and healthier when we make responsible choices.

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